2023 In Review: Helping Ukraine Save More Lives

2023 In Review: Helping Ukraine Save Lives

Since the start of the full scale Russian invasion, Ukraine has been in dire need of support from the international community. We founded two registered non-profits in both the US (United With Ukraine) and Ukraine (Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative) to help the Ukrainian people who are fighting for freedom and defending their Homeland and their families against the illegal land grab, torture, rape, atrocities, and terrorism. 

Our commitment to supporting Ukraine's fight for freedom and defense against injustice has only strengthened. And the fight continues. 

In 2023 alone, thanks to the immense generosity of our friends, donors, and partners, United With Ukraine and Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative delivered $239,465.76-worth of vital aid to Ukraine. 


Heartfelt Letters of Gratitude

Their words recognize YOU—our amazing donors— for your generous contribution amid the ongoing russian aggression.

The gratitude from Ukrainian medics and defenders for the aid we delivered has been overwhelming, with many heartfelt thanks received by our volunteers in person. Notably, many of the medics and military units have expressed their appreciation in the written letters of gratitude.

The Impact Of Your Donations

In this 2023 report, we'll explore the important areas where donations to United With Ukraine and Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative were directed in 2023 and the vital impact of each category.


For those on the front lines, the aid means life or death.

We thank you for your contributions towards the Ukrainian relief efforts.

You are a lifeline. Each delivery represents more than just supplies. It signifies saved lives and liberated homes. Your steadfast support has been crucial in empowering Ukrainians to save countless lives and defend Freedom.

Medicines for Mykolayiv
Портативній УЗД для обучения и диагностики на передовую из бюджета June

Thanks to our new friends from Akvelon Ukraine and United With Ukraine... Thank you for your faith, for your support, for your donations, for your concern! Today we have made the lives of our heroic guys and girls a little easier.

Wall of Gratitude

Viktor Oshovskyy

Doctor, Volunteer

Dexalgin Leofiks Ketolong for Kyiv hospital

Medical Aid for Ukrainian Medics and Hospitals: $113,920.98

In 2023, the impact of United With Ukraine was profound as we delivered $113,920.98 worth of crucial medical aid to medics, first aid posts, and hospitals in Ukraine. A substantial portion of this aid, amounting to $37,098.39, played a pivotal role in facilitating the delivery of over 7,500 units of pharmaceuticals, infusion solutions, drugs, and various other essential medications.  The medical aid also encompassed 1 neonatal incubator with equipment for it, 1 ambulance vehicle and equipment for it, 1 EMV/ventilator, 24 various medical devices (including portable ECG, portable ultrasound device, fluid warmers, and much more), 185 individual first aid kits, 193 tourniquets and immobilization splints, 71 medical stretches, over 1,280 packs of hemostatic bandages and plasters, 650 surgical drains and 248 units of other medical supplies (such as bone cement, catheters, etc.). 

The medications and pharmaceuticals delivered by United With Ukraine in 2023 showcase the profound impact every cent of your donation makes. United With Ukraine's approach involves procuring meds and pharmaceuticals locally in Ukraine. This strategy significantly reduces costs compared to sourcing these items from the US or other countries, ensuring that your contributions go a long way.

The essential medications and pharmaceuticals we delivered in 2023 cost just $12 per unit on average, yet they play a pivotal role in supporting the people on the ground in Ukraine. Your every donation matters tremendously to them. 

Your Every Cent Matters Tremendously


average cost per pack of plasters/bandage

>1,280 packs of plasters and bandages delivered


average cost of a tourniquet/splint

193 tourniquets and immobilization splints delivered


average cost per pack of medications

>7,500 packs of medications delivered


average cost of a first aid kit

185 individual first aid kits delivered

The most expensive medical aid we delivered in 2023 was the BabyPod 2 Infant Transport Device and equipment for it for the Regional Children's Hospital in Sumy. The neonatal set of devices worth $19,008.27 allows medics in Ukraine to transport newborn patients safely in cases of evacuation or relocation to a different hospital.


Another vital medical equipment that we delivered was an ambulance vehicle worth $6,231.37

Battlefield Effectiveness Equipment & Power Generators: $74,506.16

In 2023, Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative prioritized battlefield effectiveness to help ensure that Ukraine's defenders have the equipment they need to be successful on the battlefield. The $74,506.16 worth of aid included 1 pickup truck and 1 all-terrain vehicle (buggy) for evacuation, 17 drones, 18 power generators and solar panels, laptops, tablets, surveillance cameras, tires, welding equipment, chemical heaters, equipment and batteries for drones, and much more. The aid ensured that the brave Ukrainians had access to the equipment and devices necessary to perform at their best and maintained a technical edge.

Radios and Communication Equipment: $20,273.71

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative directed a significant amount of resources towards radios and other communication equipment. Effective communication is critical in medical evacuation, tactical operations, and humanitarian efforts alike. Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative delivered 15 digital portable radios, 1 Starlink satellite communication system, batteries for radios and antennas that you helped us deliver, Ukrainian medics, defenders, and aid workers can coordinate and communicate more effectively, ultimately leading to successful missions.

Goggles, Thermal, NV & Other Optical Equipment: $20,141.49

Clear visibility is essential for any medical evacuation, rescue, and military operations. Your donations to Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative provided Ukrainian defenders and medics with 9 units of essential optical equipment, including thermal imagers, night vision devices, and magnifiers to ensure they can navigate and operate safely and efficiently during night time and locate wounded people on the ground in an extreme environment. 

Tactical Clothing, Armor & Protective Gear: $10,623.42

For medics, volunteers, soldiers, humanitarian workers, or journalists, on the front lines the right clothing and protective gear means the difference between life and death. Donations in this category helped Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative to deliver 5 helmets, 5 bulletproof vests, 19 active hearing protectors and tactical headsets, and other essentials such as camouflage clothing, tactical boots, flashlights, thermal underwear, sleeping bags, etc. to ensure that the Ukrainian defenders are warm and well-protected and can operate safely and effectively.

You Are a Lifeline

We extend our immense gratitude to you for being a crucial part of our mission in 2023. Together, we are making a significant impact, and your continued support helps Ukraine save more lives.

Your contribution truly matters in the fight for Freedom and a safer world.

We ask you to please stand #UnitedWithUkraine and donate to support us in our critical mission. Your donations are tax-deductible, eligible for corporate matching, and translate directly into tangible assistance for medics in Ukraine. You may donate through Benevity by finding the United With Ukraine public charity profile in your organization’s Benevity Causes, or via our website here.


Help medics in Ukraine save lives.