United With Ukraine – February 2024 Report

Supporting Ukrainian Medics: Medical Aid for Ukraine

In February 2024, United With Ukraine delivered a total of $5,278.27 worth of medical aid to Ukrainian medics and hospitals in the hardest-hit areas and on the very front lines of the battlefield.

Most of the areas where our local volunteers deliver medical aid are under constant Russian airstrikes, shelling, and drone strikes. In particular, the town of Velykyi Burluk, located east of the city of Kharkiv and about 20 kilometers from the Russian border, has been suffering from numerous missile strikes. Just over the past five weeks alone, Russia carried out six missile attacks on Velykyi Burluk, killing 8 people and injuring at least 15:

Given the dire situation, local authorities have announced the mandatory evacuation of families with children from Velykyi Burluk and nearby settlements. However, despite this announcement, over two and a half thousand people still reside in Velykyi Burluk, with thousands more living in nearby settlements that lack medical facilities. These residents depend on Velykyi Burluk's only hospital, where brave Ukrainian medics continue to save lives every day, despite the risks to their own safety.

Last month, we delivered $1,999.72 worth of essential medications and infusion solutions to Velykyi Burluk’s hospital. They included:

Medication/Medical Supply # Items Cost Per Item Total
Corvitin (Quercetin) 21 $8.79 $184.65
Tivortine (Arginine Hydrochloride) 40 $2.34 $93.65
Omeprazole 40 $2.34 $93.65
L-Lysine Aescinate 40 $23.85 $954.13
Reosorbilakt 40 $3.21 $128.35
Levofloxacin 31 $6.15 $190.73
Thiocetam 27 $9.97 $269.23
Neurocitin (Citicoline) 40 $2.13 $85.33

United With Ukraine's approach involves procuring medicines and pharmaceuticals locally in Ukraine. This strategy significantly reduces costs compared to sourcing these items from the US or other countries, ensuring that your contributions go a long way.

80% of the medications we delivered to the Velykyi Burluk hospital cost less than $10 per unit, yet they play a pivotal role in saving lives in Ukraine. Your every donation matters tremendously for people on the ground.

Additionally, we dedicated $3,278.55 for the purchase of medical devices for the medics of the 66th Military Mobile Hospital and the first aid post in Druzhkivka (Donetsk region). Namely, we delivered:

  • 1 Erbe ICC 350 Electrosurgical Unit - $2,185.94. The ICC 350 is a high-frequency surgical unit for cutting and coagulation. Due to its performance features, it has universal applications and can be used for various medical requirements.
  • 300 packs of Keydex (anti-inflammatory drug) - $1,092.61.

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative

In February 2024, our sister organization, Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine by dedicating $4.425.18 towards battlefield effectiveness supplies, a power generator, and 6 anti-thermal-imager raincoats. The aid included 2 anti-aircraft searchlights for detecting ‘Shahed’ drones to bolster the effectiveness of Ukrainian air defense against Russian drone attacks in the Kherson direction. The supplies we delivered are currently put to use by the Consolidated Rifle Brigade of the Air Force of Ukraine, the 108th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion, units of the Special Operations Forces, the 32nd Separate Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, the 123rd Territorial Defense Brigade, and the 14th Mechanized Brigade.

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative has also donated a further $1,000 to the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “TAPS” for production of chemical body and food heaters, bringing their total aid to Ukraine in February 2024 up to $5.425.18.

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative has made substantial contributions to ensure the safety and well-being of Ukrainian heroes by delivering:

  • 1 inverter generator for 1.3 kW - $288.99
  • 6 anti-thermal-imager raincoats ('thermal ponchos') - $659.28
  • 1 engine cylinder head for the repair of an evacuation vehicle - $1,356.82
  • 1 antenna for FPV drones - $742.68
  • 2 anti-aircraft searchlights for detecting HESA Shahed 136 drones - $1,377.41

The military unit A2077 of the Special Operations Forces has sent a warm and inspiring letter of gratitude thanking for the help of our sister organization:

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative is dedicated to the safety and effectiveness of Ukrainian defenders. Their support remains a cornerstone in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities and safeguarding the lives of those who bravely protect their homes and families. If you wish to support our sister organization in this mission, please donate via their website.

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