United With Ukraine – November 2023 Report


Supporting Ukrainian Medics: Medical Aid for Ukraine

In November 2023, United With Ukraine delivered a total of $7,789.79 worth of medical aid to Ukrainian medics and hospitals.

This month’s report showcases the profound impact every cent of your donation makes. United With Ukraine's approach involves procuring medicines and pharmaceuticals locally in Ukraine. This strategy significantly reduces costs compared to sourcing these items from the US or other countries, ensuring that your contributions go a long way.

All of the essential medications we delivered in November cost less than $12 per unit, yet they play a pivotal role in helping Ukrainian medics save more lives. Your every donation matters tremendously to them.

Together, we've successfully delivered $5,755.30 worth of medications and pharmaceuticals. This vital aid has reached the medics of the 61st mobile military hospital (military unit A0318):


# Units

Cost Per Item


Keydex 5 ampules x 2 mg




Longocain 200ml




Volutens for infusion 500 ml




Magnesium sulfate 10 ampules x 5 ml




Sodium chloride for infusion 200 ml




Ringer's solution for infusion 200 ml




Anusol No.10




Dexamethasone No. 5




Diclofenac No. 10




Levomekol ointment 40 g




Meloxicam injection solution




Metoclopromide Hydrochloride injection solution No. 10




Metoclopromide hydrochloride in a blister pack




Spasmalgon infusion solution No. 10




Pantoprazole lyophysylate 40 ml No. 5




Pantoprazole 40 ml #28




Cefazolin 1 g




Ondasetron ampoules No. 5




We dedicated an additional $1,348.48 for the purchase of first aid kit components (pouches, tourniquets, chest seals, bandages, medical plasters, etc.). We then manually assembled and delivered 50 first aid kits to the National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine in Kharkiv. The first aid kits are currently being put to use to provide military and medical training.

united ukraine ua november report 2023 firs aid kit delivery
Moreover, United With Ukraine delivered 2 bactericidal irradiators for disinfection of air and surfaces and 3 pulse lavage systems (worth a total of $686.01) to the combat medics saving lives in the first aid post (stabilization point) of the 118th Mechanized Brigade.

The medics of the 61st mobile military hospital, the combat medics of the first aid post at the 118th Mechanized Brigade, and the staff of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine have extended their sincere gratitude for the medical aid provided by United With Ukraine in writing. Their letters say that the aid we provided is a very timely and vital aid for the Ukrainian defenders and means hundreds of saved lives:

Gratitude November - National University of Civil Protection - UWU
Gratitude November - National University of Civil Protection - UWU

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative

In November, our sister organization, Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine by delivering $2,259.99 worth of battlefield effectiveness equipment and tactical clothing. This equipment is currently put to use by the courageous Ukrainian defenders serving in the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade and the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade. 

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative has made substantial contributions to bolster the effectiveness of Ukrainian defense, ensuring the safety and well-being of Ukrainian heroes. Their contributions include:

  • 10 thermal underwear sets, 5 tactical balaclavas, and 15 magazine pouches - $1,500.08
  • 8 active hearing protectors (headphones) and 5 flashlights - $600.22
  • 200 Mavic shanks (spare parts for drones) - $159.69

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative has also donated a further $1,000 to the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “TAPS” for production of repellents and chemical food heaters, bringing their total aid to Ukraine in November 2023 up to $3,259.99

Their support remains a cornerstone in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities and safeguarding the lives of those who bravely protect their homes and families.

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At United With Ukraine, our commitment to assisting Ukrainian hospitals and medics knows no bounds, and we extend a heartfelt appeal to you to become a part of our mission.

We kindly request you to contemplate making a donation to United With Ukraine by visiting our donation page here. If you have a particular cause close to your heart, such as supporting Ukrainian medics or defenders, please feel free to specify your preference in the comments section when making your donation.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference for Ukraine as they defend Freedom.

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