November Report: $16,000 Equipment Delivered to Ukrainian Hospitals and Medics

We cannot thank you enough for your contributions to United With Ukraine and for making a difference for people in Ukraine! Your generosity in November made it possible to deliver $16,040 worth of life-saving equipment to the hospitals and combat medics in the hottest spots of the battlefield - Bakhmut and its nearby areas.

Namely, we delivered:

- 1 power generator for 16kW - $7,700

- 40 medical stretches - $1,640

- 200 tourniquets - $3,100

- 1 PS14 Pro Green Phosforus Gen 2+ Level night-vision monocular - $3,600.

Ukraine is experiencing complete blackouts every day, and stable electricity for medical equipment is especially critical. With your help, we sourced and delivered the 16kW power generator to a hospital in Bakhmut. The hospital has already become sadly famous for a heart-breaking photo of elderly couple. You can see the generator in the same location in the photos below:
We delivered 200 tourniquets and 40 medical stretches which are vital for providing emergency care on the ground and delivering a person to medical care facilities. Your contributions make it possible to save more lives in the hardest-hit areas.
Combat medics are evacuating heavily wounded soldiers and civilians 24/7. The night vision monocular that we purchased and delivered is already helping them evacuate people in complete darkness and transport the wounded to the hospitals at night.

This holiday season, we celebrate your compassion, empathy, and heartiness that helps Ukrainian combat medics to save more lives! Let us remember the heroes who need a real holiday miracle most. Yana, a former IT Recruiter, will be spending this Christmas near Bakhmut, far from her family and in mortal danger, risking her life while evacuating and providing emergency treatment to heavily wounded soldiers and civilians. Watch the video appeal here on Youtube.

Donate to aid Yana’s field unit with vital medical supplies and help combat medics save more lives.

United With Ukraine is wishing you a joyous and wonderful holiday season! Thank you for your wonderful generosity that helps bring hope and brighten the season for those less fortunate.

Let the miracle be real.

Nina Shapirshteyn, CEO & Founder, United With Ukraine