December Report: You Did a Holiday Miracle and Saved a Newborn’s Life

Ukrainians marked December's holidays in the shadow of war but your compassion and heartiness helped brighten the season with hope and ease the suffering of those in the hardest-hit areas.

Thanks to your generous donations, we raised $20,585 last month and delivered life-saving aid to the heroes on the front lines.

In December, you did another miracle: your donations helped save a newborn’s life! With your help, we delivered 10 central venous catheters and 1 mechanical lung ventilator to a maternity house in Zaporizhya in an incredibly timely manner: right when they were needed to provide urgent care for a small kid. Here’s a THANK YOU from the maternity house on Instagram.

Overall, in December you helped us source and supply:

  • 10 central venous catheters and 1 mechanical lung ventilator for Zaporizhya maternity hospital #3 - $1,977
  • 100 nasopharyngeal breathing tubes for urgent medical care - $642.92
  • 20 SAM Splint devices for immobilizing injuries in emergency settings - $324.57
  • 4 portable heater of infusion solutions - $1,029.53
  • 7 Motorola DM440 E VHF digital mobile radios - $6,258,47
  • 6 Motorola DP 440 E UHF digital mobile radios - $ 5,364.40
  • 7 Motorola IMPRES Li-on 1950mAh batteries to suit radios- $815.50
  • 4 Burevii PB M5-1300-U4-500 portable charging stations - $4,172.31.

Please review the full report with photos below.

We feel an extraordinary level of support from our colleagues, friends, and partners around the world. Every donation makes a huge difference for people in Ukraine.

Thanks to everyone who keeps helping us!