Why is it so important to help Ukraine?

The world made significant efforts to defend the order established after World War II. On February 24, 2022, Putin proved that even in the 21st century, a full scale invasion of a sovereign state with a goal of its occupation is absolutely real and unlocked Pandora's box.

Ukraine fights for the values of freedom and democracy and defends its land. The result of the Russian-Ukrainian war will show how other countries, especially those ruled by dictators, will act in the future. For example, the rhetoric of China regarding Taiwan became much more aggressive after the 24th of February. The world needs to show dictators that it is no longer possible to apply force to conquer new territories without impunity and there is no excuse for bloody wars in the 21st century. 

Why the aid sent by the U.S. and other governments is not enough?

Russia spends an estimated $1B daily on the war in Ukraine. At the same time, it is one of the main suppliers of oil, gas, and coal in the world. It uses this fact and the dependence of some countries on their fossil fuels to fund the war. In the first 6 months of war, Russia earned around $158 billion from exports, which is nearly $1B per day.

At the same time, due to heavy shelling of civilian infrastructure by Russian missiles, the manufacturing and exports in Ukraine has nearly come to halt. Intensification of help to Ukraine and ongoing support will help them repel the invader from their land and save thousands of lives. 

There were other wars that did not receive so much attention from the public. How this war is different?

Any war is unjustifiable. Many other conflicts, like the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008, did not receive enough response from the international community, and this weak response created a precedent for Russia and other aggressors to launch new military conflicts and seize new territories. The fact that some other wars did not receive such media coverage and attention and lack of painful consequences for aggressors is a fail of the international community, and the current threats to global security architecture are the direct result. The Russian invasion into Ukraine has far reaching consequences in a variety of areas, including food and energy security, as well as global security architecture. This, and the numerous war crimes and human rights violations by Russian troops reported in the media, made the whole world to follow it closely. The global response and support for Ukraine is the key to prevent other aggressors that wars cannot happen in the modern world, the chance to prove the statement of "Never Again" and break the infinite loop. 

What percentage of donations goes to Ukraine?

All our members, including the CEO and directors, volunteer their time without taking a penny.  Every penny you donate helps Ukraine directly.

How effective are small organizations if large international organizations are already helping Ukraine?

Small organizations have ways to deliver help directly and rapidly, complementing the great work done by the larger international charitable organizations. Time is of the essence, and sending the needed help directly to local volunteers and organizations will work best. Small organizations like ours, with direct connections to local volunteers on the ground, deliver aid much faster for critically important needs that are missed by large non-profit organizations and their bureaucracy. 

We do not just provide the funds to buy the supplies, but actively source the tactical gear and humanitarian supplies, which can take time to do as many companies are simply sold out.