How We Use Funds

For over a year of delivering supplies right into the hands of Ukrainian medics, volunteers, and military units, United With Ukraine has forged relationships with people who can tell us exactly what they need and when. We create a personalized logistics operation from your living room to the hands of people who are saving lives and defending their families in the hottest spots of the battlefield. 

We are currently raising funds for the two key priorities: helping Ukrainian medics save more lives and keeping Ukrainian heroes on the front lines alive and online. Every month, we prioritize the most critical needs and requests, source the equipment and deliver it via our sister organization Akvelon Ukraine Charitable Foundation, which operates with help of a local volunteer network on the ground. Your generous support travels enormous distances and helps save human lives tens of thousands of miles away!

You can save the lives of those most affected by the war.
We thank you for your contribution towards the Ukrainian relief efforts.

Learn more about the impact of your donations in our monthly reports.

USD raised total
USD for battlefield effectiveness equipment & power generators
USD for medical supplies, devices & equipment
USD for radios & communication equipment
USD for goggles, thermal, NV & other optical equipment
USD for tactical clothing, armor & protective gear
USD for humanitarian aid & animal rescue

Your Impact So Far

As of August 31, 2023

Thanks to your giving, between February 24, 2022 and August 31, 2023, together with our sister charitable organization Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative, we have been able to raise $623,308.70 total and deliver critical aid to the front lines and the hardest hit areas. View our monthly reports here, and learn more about Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative here.

We keep doing everything in our power to help Ukraine save more lives. Thank you for helping Ukraine through your donations to United With Ukraine!

How Your Donations Help Ukraine

Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to make real impact, safe lives, and ease the suffering of the Ukrainians who are currently living the unimaginable horror every day. Read our latest stories to see how the funds you help us raise are being put to use.

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Current Urgent Needs and Priorities

1. Helping Ukrainian medics save more lives

Our trusted contacts in military and civilian hospitals and among combat medics desperately need medical supplies and devices of vital importance. The numbers of heavily wounded people are so high that medics and paramedics on the battlefields are lacking basic life-saving and emergency equipment to provide emergency care on the ground before delivering the person to medical care facilities.

We have a list of urgent equipment requests: 
– Portable x-ray systems
– Junctional tourniquets
– EMVs/Portable ventilators
– Pocket-sized ultrasound systems

2. Keeping Ukrainian defenders alive and well

To help Ukraine defend itself and help the front line heroes, we supply tactical gear, generators, night vision goggles. We have been successfully delivering this aid to Kharkiv and other hot spots. This decisive winter, the defenders of Freedom need our help more than ever. 

To stay warm and keep defeating the invader effectively, they need: 
– Diesel generators
– Tactical winter gloves, jackets, thermal underwear
– Communication equipment
– Night vision goggles
– Bulletproof vests and helmets

2. Helping the vulnerable in Ukraine survive

For the past several months, Russia has been shelling critical infrastructure to cut civilians off electricity and central heating. Thousands of people have lost their jobs as the invader keeps destroying plants and manufacturing facilities. Internally displaced people and other vulnerable categories are suffering from cold and lack of essential food and hygiene supplies. 

We need to deliver tons of humanitarian aid to the hardest-hit regions:
– Basic food and hygiene supplies
– Portable heaters and warm clothes
– Powerbanks
– Supplies for animal rescue

Please Help Us Do More

There is no such thing as a small donation, most of our donations are of a coffee-cup value , but together they end up being a life-saving help!

How We Allocate Funds


From basic food and medicine to tactical defence, there is a constant flow of urgent requests coming from people in Ukraine, so we developed an approach to prioritize and supply the aid fast and effectively.

1. We work with trusted locals on the ground to learn the most pressing needs  

 Volunteers and defenders on the front lines send us requests for humanitarian, medical, and tactical supplies that are of the highest priority right now. 

2. We prioritise the supplies from the most basic ones to the complex ones and source them in the US and other countries

Some supplies can be purchased locally and delivered faster. More complex needs such as night vision goggles and bulletproof vests, are only available in select countries and take much more resources and time to get them delivered.

3. We fundraise through our network of colleagues, friends, and partners

We work hard to maximize the outreach and collect the necessary funding as soon as possible. You can help us spread the word on social media to amplify the impact. 

4. We deliver the supplies to the Ukrainians who then transport them to the war zone 

We partner with Ukrainian local charitable organization “Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative” established by Sergei Dreizin and Constantine Korovkin to deliver supplies to the right hands. The local volunteers bravely transport the supplies with ground transportation to the most dangerous and the most suffering places of the war zone.

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