United With Ukraine – December 2023 Report


Supporting Ukrainian Medics: Medical Aid for Ukraine

In December 2023, United With Ukraine delivered a total of $5,400.48 worth of medical aid to Ukrainian medics and hospitals. The essential medications and medical supplies, including crucial analgesics and solutions for treating acute pain and inflammation, reached the Mykolaiv Emergency Hospital, the 66th Military Mobile Hospital, and the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine. 

Right now, your contributions are saving lives and aiding in the recovery of the wounded in Ukraine:

Medication/Medical Supply# ItemsCost Per ItemTotal
Noradrenaline (Norepinephrine) 10 ampules/pack20$79.92$1,598.49
Keydex 5 ampules/pack100$3.57$357.05
Omeprazole 40 ml20$2.68$53.54
Adult nappies 120/pack10$30.30$302.95
Lidocaine 10 ampules/pack70$1.36$95.13
Keywer 10 ampules/pack165$12.67$2,090.50
Dexalgin 5 ampules/pack10$7.08$70.79
Betadine 10% 1000 ml38$21.90$832.03

Our efforts have not only garnered numerous personal expressions of thanks from Ukrainian medics but also a heartfelt written letter from the medics of the Mykolaiv Emergency Hospital and the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine. In their letter, they extend sincere gratitude for the generous contribution of United With Ukraine and its donors toward the humanitarian cause during the Russian aggression.

A letter of gratitude from the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine thanking for the medical aid delivered by United With Ukraine in 2023 (in Ukrainian)
A letter of gratitude from the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine thanking for the medical aid delivered by United With Ukraine in 2023 (in English)
Gratitude - Mykolaiv emergency hospital redacted
Gratitude - Mykolaiv emergency hospital - ENG redacted

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative

In December, our sister organization, Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine by delivering $5,720.80 worth of battlefield effectiveness and tactical equipment, as well as a thermal imager. This equipment is currently put to use by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the 56th Separate Mechanised Infantry Brigade, the 108th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion, the 32nd Separate Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, the 7th Separate Communication Regiment, and the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade.

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative has made substantial contributions to bolster the effectiveness of Ukrainian defense, ensuring the safety and well-being of Ukrainian heroes. Their aid includes:

  • Tactical supplies (4 backpacks, 10 unloading vests, 20 magazine pouches, 5 sleeping bags) - $1,298
  • 1 mast for installation of an antenna amplifier for FPV drone launch - $297.14
  • 1 welding machine - $110.75
  • 1 thermal imager AGM ASP-Micro - $532.14
  • 1 tactical helmet and 1 tactical headset - $416.13  
  • 16 units of сleaning foam and oil and 1 cleaning kit for firearms - $310.64
  • 1 battery tester - $21.61
  • 1 battery charger - $63.21
  • 1 tether rope for batteries - $62.67
  • 2 night vision camera systems $372.23
  • 2 batteries for Mavic drones $286.33
  • 10 active hearing protectors (headphones) - $579.42
  • 10 PoE (Power over Ethernet) Injectors 24V 1A - $56.48
  • 2 automatic voltage regulators - $253.86
  • 1 Alientech antenna amplifier for drone launch - $756.35
  • 1 video helmet for FPV drones and 1 antenna - $303.84

The courageous Ukrainian defenders serving in the 7th Separate Communication Regiment have extended their heartfelt gratitude for the night vision camera systems, active hearing protectors, and other battlefield effectiveness equipment provided by Akvelon Ukraine: 

Відважні захисники 59-ї бригади 11-го окремого мотопіхотного батальйону також надіслали теплий та натхненний лист із вдячністю за допомогу нашій побратимській організації.

The brave defenders serving in the 59th brigade of the 11th Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion have also sent a warm and inspiring letter of gratitude thanking for the help of our sister organization.

Donate to Help Medics in Ukraine

At United With Ukraine, our commitment to assisting Ukrainian hospitals and medics knows no bounds, and we extend a heartfelt appeal to you to become a part of our mission.

We kindly request you to contemplate making a donation to United With Ukraine by visiting our donation page here. If you have a particular cause close to your heart, such as supporting Ukrainian medics or defenders, please feel free to specify your preference in the comments section when making your donation.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference for Ukraine as they defend Freedom.

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