United With Ukraine – April 2024 Report

April 2024 Medical Aid Report - Helping Ukrainian Medics Save More Lives

Helping Ukrainian Medics: Medical Aid for Ukraine

In April 2024, United With Ukraine delivered a total of $4,505.55 worth of medical aid to Ukrainian medics and hospitals in the hardest-hit areas and on the very front lines of the battlefield.

We delivered 717 packs of essential medications and 800 blood transfusion systems to the Mykolaiv City Emergency Hospital, the Velykyi Burluk Hospital (Kharkiv region), and the combat medics of the 82nd Air Assault Brigade.

Our report showcases the profound impact every cent of your donation makes. United With Ukraine's approach involves procuring medicines and pharmaceuticals locally in Ukraine. This strategy significantly reduces costs compared to sourcing these items from the US or other countries, ensuring that your contributions go a long way.

The average cost per unit of the medications we delivered in April was less than $7, yet this aid plays a pivotal role in helping Ukrainian medics save lives. Your every donation matters tremendously to people on the ground in Ukraine.

United With Ukraine delivered:

Medication/Medical Supply # Units Cost Per Unit Total
Blood transfusion systems 800 $0.40 $320.75
Loperamide 100 $0.64 $63.94
Movespasm 20 $2.96 $59.18
Dexalgin 20 $4.57 $91.40
Platyphylline 10 $3.58 $35.84
Meloxicam 10 $6.13 $61.30
Bifren (Phenibut) 20 $6.16 $123.22
Keydex (Dexketoprofen) 50 $3.54 $176.95
Ketorolac 17 $4.06 $68.99
Vinpocetine 50 $2.21 $110.34
Neuroxon (Citicoline) 10 $28.01 $280.07
Nifuroxazide 30 $4.78 $143.40
Atoxil (Silicium dioxide) 20 $10.37 $207.48
Nimesil (Nimesulide) 10 $10.65 $106.47
Creon (Pancreatin) 20 $4.93 $98.58
Psylo-balm (Diphenhydramine) 20 $4.65 $92.99
Fenistil gel (Dimetindene) 20 $4.56 $91.25
Almagel 10 $8.25 $82.47
Gaviscon 10 $9.07 $90.71
Teymurov's spray 35 $1.98 $69.35
Diclofenac ointment 50 $2.16 $107.95
Duspatalin (Mebeverine) 10 $9.12 $91.23
Betamethasone 20 $2.39 $47.71
Canephron 10 $10.06 $100.60
Corvitin (Quercetin) 50 $9.16 $458.04
Rheosorbilact 50 $4.78 $238.88
L-lysine aescinate (Lysine) 45 $24.14 $1,086.46

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative

In April 2024, our sister organization, Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine by dedicating $3,951.67 towards battlefield effectiveness and radio communications equipment. This aid was delivered to the 3rd Separate Special Purpose Regiment of the Special Operations Forces, the 35th Marine Brigade, the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade, and units of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative has contributed to bolstering Ukrainian defense capabilities by:

  • Delivering 1 DJI Mavic 3 Pro Fly More Combo drone - $2,372.15;
  • Delivering 2 laser rangefinders (Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 and Sigeta iMeter LF1500A) and 3 pouches for first aid kits - $893.44;
  • Delivering 5 batteries for Motorola radios - $291.14;
  • Donating $394.94 to cover the expenses for the pickup truck repair.

Additionally, our generous sponsor, Akvelon, a software engineering company, donated 7 computer desks and 7 office chairs to Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative. These furnishings were delivered to Ukrainian defenders to assist in establishing a new air defense outpost that now protects people and critical infrastructure in the Kharkiv region.

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative is dedicated to the safety and effectiveness of Ukrainian defenders. Their support remains a cornerstone in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities and safeguarding the lives of those who bravely protect their homes and families. If you wish to support our sister organization in this mission, please donate via their website.

Help Ukrainian Medics Save Lives

At United With Ukraine, our commitment to supporting Ukrainian hospitals and medics knows no bounds, and we extend a heartfelt appeal to you to become a part of our mission.

We kindly request you to contemplate making a donation to United With Ukraine by visiting our donation page here

Your donations are tax-deductible, eligible for corporate matching, and translate directly into tangible assistance for medics in Ukraine. You may download one-time PDF receipts and annual PDF receipts for your donations in your donor profile

Together, we can make a meaningful difference for Ukraine and save more lives. 

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