United With Ukraine – June 2023 Report

June 2023 Reports Your donations this June have helped Ukrainian medics by enabling United With Ukraine to deliver $25,629.03 worth of medical devices

Dear friends and partners,

For nearly 500 days of delivering supplies right into the hands of Ukrainian medics, volunteers, and military units, United With Ukraine and Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative have forged relationships with people who can tell us exactly what they need and when. 

We create a personalized logistics operation from your living room to the hands of people who are saving lives and defending their families in the hottest spots of the battlefield. Your generous support travels enormous distances and helps save human lives tens of thousands of miles away!

Your ongoing donations this June have helped Ukrainian medics by enabling United With Ukraine to deliver $25,629.03 worth of medical devices and first aid supplies that are being used to provide emergency care and save precious lives!

Donations to United With Ukraine

Your donations have allowed United With Ukraine to deliver a fully-equipped ambulance vehicle, purchase components and assemble 30 individual first aid kits, and supply a hospital in Kyiv and combat medics who are in the hottest spots of the battlefield with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and emergency care supplies. 


Right now, your donations are helping to save lives in Ukraine through: 

  • 1 medical ambulance - $6,231.37
  • $6,141.66 worth of pharmaceutical supplies for a hospital in Kyiv, including Betadine, Colistin, Leofix, Caver, Diphenhydramine, Omeprozole, Rheosorbilact
  • 8 medical stretches for evacuation - $1,976.26
  • 7 infusion fluid warmers Hawk-1 - $1,781.69
  • 2 pelvic tourniquets SAM Sling - $411.7
  • 30 fully-equipped individual medical first aid kits - $1,521.46
  • 2 portable non-invasive vein locating devices - $2,763.48
  • 3 emergency devices BuddyStrap™ Injured Person Carrier - $466.54
  • 1 portable ultrasound device - $4,334.87

Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative

In June, our sister organization Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative delivered $14,664.32 worth of tactical clothing, drones, optical and battlefield effectiveness supplies to brave Ukrainians who serve in the 93rd and the 108th mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 38th Separate Marine Brigade of Ukrainian Naval Infantry, the 5th brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, and several other military units to help boost effectiveness of the Ukrainian defense and keep Ukrainian heroes alive.


Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative supplied Ukraine with:

  • 1 drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro - $2,167.43
  • 1 drone DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo - $2,931.86
  • 4 tactical helmets - $1,557.84
  • 5 bulletproof vests - $2,560.29
  • 1 thermal imager Pulsar Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro - $2,086.16
  • 1 thermal imager Thermtec Cyclops 335 - $1,760.74
  • $500 worth of raw materials for a volunteer producing repellents for the front lines 
  • 200 liters of VeryLube Gun Oil - $1,100
Raw materials for repellents
Drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Donate to Help Medics in Ukraine

We keep doing everything in our power to help Ukraine save more lives and we need your help. Please consider donating to United With Ukraine here. If you wish your donation to be directed toward a specific cause, you may specify how you would like to help Ukraine in the comments to your donation.

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