A Day in Life of the Ukrainian Combat Medic (and a Former IT Recruiter)

United With Ukraine sources life-saving medical, tactical, and humanitarian supplies and operates through a network of local organizations Yana medic photo

This holiday season, let us remember the heroes who need a real Christmas miracle most.

We want to tell you about Yana. Yana is 29, she has been working as a Lead IT Recruiter at a software engineering company for 5 years. In May 2022, she volunteered to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a paramedic. For the past 7 months, Yana has been saving lives on the very front lines of war. 24/7, without weekends or holidays.

Yana will be spending this Christmas near Bakhmut, far from her family and in mortal danger, risking her life while evacuating and providing emergency treatment to heavily wounded soldiers and civilians.

We asked Yana to record a video because we know her story is important and must be seen. Yana’s video is recorded in motion because she does not have a spare minute, but it gives you a glance through a tiny window into the War World that the Ukrainians see every day. To the Western society, this World looks like a parallel universe. Unfortunately, it is real.

The battle for Freedom is ongoing. Best of the best - former oncologists, pediatricians, lawyers, IT recruiters like Yana - are now combat medics or soldiers. They did not choose war, but the war left them no choice.

This Christmas, they are only asking for an ability to save more lives. Let the Christmas miracle be real.

Donate to United With Ukraine, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to aid Yana’s field unit with vital medical supplies and help combat medics save more lives.

Yana has set the status in her work messenger profile: “On vacation till our Victory”. You can help make the victory of Ukraine happen sooner. Please help the Ukrainians survive and put an end to this invasion so that thousands of people like Yana can return to their normal lives.

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