Delivering Tactical Gear That Saves Lives

Delivering Tactical Gear That Saves Lives

From the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, our CEO, Nina Shapirshteyn, has been fundraising for night vision googles, helmets, drones, and bulletproof vests. Tactical gear is one of the most important elements of defence that helps repel the attacks, liberate Ukrainian territories from the occupation, and saves lives of Ukrainian frontline heroes.

One of the Ukrainian soldiers sent us a video of the helmet we delivered that saved his life. He got shot in the head by the Russians and survived only thanks to the helmet.

Another night, we heard from a Ukrainian defender that the night vision goggles we supplied helped him notice an attack and thus saved his life.

Your donations DO matter to the people who live because of them.

Tactical Gear Is One Of Ukraine's Key Advantages To Defend Itself

Night vision equipment is vital for Ukraine to succeed fighting the war. The Economist published an informative article about why. Small drones equipped with thermal imagers are able to locate Russian vehicles from their heat signals. Helmets and bulletproof vests save lives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces while they liberate the territories captured and terrorized by Russia.

Ukrainian Heroes Thank You For Your Donations

The Ukrainian Defenders fighting hard for freedom and right to exist thank us and our generous donors for the night vision equipment we provided them with. 100% of our donations go directly to our cause. We do not have any administrative fees and are all doing this on a pure volunteer basis. Please help us reach our next donation goal so we can send more life saving supplies to our brave defenders. We are in constant contact with friends that have turned into soldiers, to assess what they need and supply them.

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