Nina On NBC San Diego: “We Raised More Than $120K in Just 2 Weeks to Send Tactical Gear”

Fundraiser for Ukrainian Soldiers Nina On NBC San Diego We Raised More Than 120K Just Weeks to Send Tactical Gear Non-profit raises

Nina Shapirshteyn has raised roughly $120,000 in just a few weeks.

Non-profit raises hundreds of thousands to send basic and tactical gear to Ukrainian soldiers. The found told NBC 7, much more is needed to continue sending and sourcing much-needed gear that could save lives

A Ukrainian-American and UC San Diego graduate has created a non-profit that's raising funds to send military gear to Ukrainian soldiers.

Nina Shapirshteyn hopes the donations keep coming so she can continue to send protective gear to help Ukrainian soldiers and civilians survive.

“The reality is that Ukrainians are still lacking very basic gear and we’re not providing weapons. We are just providing things that people can wear. So helmets, bulletproof vests, range finders, night vision goggles. Even proper clothing in many situations. We do not just find the funds to buy the gear, but actively source the gear,” said Shapirshteyn.

Shapirshteyn and her family came to America when she was a teenager in the 90s. She told NBC 7 that after the Soviet Union dissolved, things were unstable in her home country. They decided to leave and start from scratch in the U.S.

She is now a practicing attorney and her parents are psychologists.

She said many of her friends who left Ukraine as she did, have returned to fight. She also said the people of Ukraine are protecting their homes, their freedom, and their democracy.

She was considering going back to Ukraine but decided against it, as she has a two-year-old daughter.

But the thought of other young children being unsafe and exposed to war and violence pushed her to start fundraising two weeks ago.

“A two-year-old who says hide when he hears the air raid. And it’s really just heart-wrenching to know what the children are going through,” said Shapirshteyn.