United With Ukraine’s CEO Appeals To Google Employees

Our CEO Nina Shapirshteyn appeals to Google employees to help collect funds for Ukraine. Watch the video appeal and read the letter from our CEO United With Ukraine

Our CEO Nina Shapirshteyn Appeals to Google Employees to Help Collect Funds for Ukraine
Read the letter from our CEO below: 

Dear Googlers, 

We are legal and tech professionals in the Bay Area and Seattle, some of us are your current business partners, some you might have met at technology events. When Russia invaded Ukraine, we united. United With Ukraine, and united to do everything in our power to help Ukrainians.

Just like you, we have burning inside each of us the flame of freedom and democracy. These values, sacred for every American, are currently under assault. Personal rights, justice, rule of law, democracy, equality, freedom are just like the glass balls in Sundar Pichai’s infamous motivational speech. By undermining and threatening them in Ukraine, Russia threatens the very foundations of global security architecture. If these values are shattered in Ukraine, they will not return to their previous form and the consequences will be felt globally.

We are not powerless, we are not bystanders or observers in this ongoing assault. Ukraine’s fight is our fight for a free, secure, and just world.

Google has already made a huge impact by supporting Ukraine through products, defending against cybersecurity threats, taking extraordinary measures to stop the spread of misinformation and disrupt disinformation campaigns online, providing support for humanitarian aid, and much more.

Today, we are asking you, our fellow technology and business leaders at Google, to come together and unite with us behind the single purpose of putting an end to the flames of war and violence that Russia fans.

We have created United With Ukraine, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that qualifies for corporate matching, to provide an easy way for fellow industry professionals to support Ukraine.

We are currently raising funds for the three key priorities: helping Ukrainian medics save more lives, keeping Ukrainians on the front lines alive and well, and helping internally displaced people and other most vulnerable groups in Ukraine survive during the unimaginable times.

We need your help. Please donate here on our website or through our Benevity cause. Contributions to United With Ukraine are tax-deductible and qualify for corporate matching. Please help us end this war.

Nina Shapirshteyn,
CEO & Founder of United With Ukraine